New Rochelle’s Khalil Edney Pulls A Rabbit Out Of His Hat And Hits The Most Miraculous Of Buzzer Beaters

Friday I asked the question about how many times Nermin Krdzalic would get laid for stealing a pass and nailing a half-court shot for the win.  And then today I said the Tre’Shon Heard’s 65-foot buzzer beater was as grown man as it got.  Well I may have spoke way, way ahead of myself.  This steal and buzzer beater is getting this bro nailed twice as often as Nermin.  This is about as grown man as it gets.  A buzzer beating half-court prayer with 0.1 seconds on the clock, AFTER you just got done turning the ball over AND THEN stealing it back.  Grown folk just doing grown folk things.  This play makes the other two look like Titus the toddler going drano on his 2-foot hoop.

Side Note: I have photo graphic evidence that the video game clock and the backboard game clock don’t match up. Mt Vernon might have a case.  Then again, had Joshua Doughty just held on to the ball there would have been no discussion and Mt. Vernon would have won.  Sucks to be Josh.  High schooler or no high school, that bro isn’t getting laid.  Not unless it’s a pity lay from the fat chick who thinks she’s hot because the hot girls keep her around to make themselves look hotter.  Fat chick pity lays are the worst.




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