Mom Decides For $5,000 She’ll Name Her Child Whatever You Choose

Huff Post – What’s in a name? Five thousand dollars for one Los Angeles mom-to-be.

When 26-year-old teacher Natasha Hill began searching for baby names online, she came across a contest on Belly Ballot, a social naming site that allows friends and family to vote for their favorite names. The site was offering one expectant mother $5,000 to let the masses choose the new baby’s name.

To enter, applicants had to describe what they planned to do with the cash prize. Hill, who is almost 3 months pregnant, said she would pay off credit card debt and put the rest away for her child’s college fund.

Hill was chosen from a pool of nearly 80 applicants because of “her honesty and enthusiasm,” Belly Ballot co-founder Lacey Moler told The Huffington Post.


I’m going to admit straight off the bat that I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of this first.  This might be the smartest thing any female has ever done.  Hear me out now.  How many people actually name their children something important or meaningful?  Like 10% maybe?  Now for the remaining 90% you could be making money off the name of your child.  As long as its a real name and not Twizzler, Maybach, Gucci or some shit like that then who cares, right?  Some rando person out in Oklahoma wants to name my unborn son Steven and I’m getting $5,000 for it?  Well then Steven his name shall be.  Not only are you getting paid but you’re getting rid of the stress of having to come up with a name.  I don’t have kids but I’m guessing its not the easiest thing to come up with.  Mom wants it to be Michael, dad wants it to be Thomas.  Mom hates Thomas because her best friend in college had an ex-boyfriend named Thomas and he was an asshole.  Dad hates Michael because he’s a Knicks fan and the name Michael brings back bad memories of Jordan torching Ewing and the Knicks for over 10-years.  Simple solution to all this is Belly Ballot.  I’m named after my dad and truthfully all it does is cause problems with bill companies and with each others credit.  I wish there would have been a Belly Ballot when I was in the womb.  It would have solved a lot of problems and headaches within my financial life.  And it would have put 5-grand in my mom’s pocket. Guarantee it wouldn’t have made it to a college fund like Natasha claims she’s going to do, but whatever.  Maybe Sandra would have bought me the extra comfy pull-ups and given me a few Toy ‘R’ Us shopping sprees. I’d have taken that in a heartbeat.  Get me a bombass Super Soaker, a Bop-It, some Pogs, a Talkboy, and a Crossfire. Electrifying every child’s life.

I had a few Super Soakers.  One of the best summer toys of all-time.  Could never go wrong.


The Bop It was a real simple toy, but it captured your attention for hours on end.  I always was trying to one-up myself.


Still don’t understand what you were supposed to do with Pogs, but I had a shit ton.


Never had a Talkboy and I cry every time I watch Home Alone because of it.


Also never had a Crossfire and my friends make fun of me at every opportunity because of it.  Such a funny story how Brian never played Crossfire, yet I have two schmucks best friends who both played it and never invited me over once.  I need new friends.


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