LA Meth Head Gets Arrested For Forcing A Chick To Cook For Him


KTLA – Police in Santa Ana have arrested a man wanted for multiple burglaries, who’s also facing a bizarre kidnapping charge. Thomas Walker, 40, was taken into custody during an undercover drug operation on Wednesday evening in the 1400 block of East 1st Avenue, not far from where the original crimes occurred. Walker, a local transient, was arrested for possession for sales of methamphetamine, which he sold to undercover officers. His bail was set at $1 million. Police say that, based on positive identification by victims and witnesses, more charges will be added.

Walker is accused of entering an apartment in the 500 block of Lyon Street on Monday around 7:00 a.m. through an unlocked door. Once inside, the suspect stole $100.00 from victim’s purse while she slept. The suspect was then confronted by the victim’s son, at which point he fled.

Later in the day, around 2:00 p.m., police say the man returned to the same complex and forcibly entered a different apartment through a window. Once inside the suspect confronted a female resident, grabbing her and holding her hostage for two to three hours. The man told the woman that he wasn’t going to hurt her, and demanded that she cook him some food. She complied and cooked him a meal while the suspect ingested narcotics, according to police. The suspect then fled on the victim’s blue beach cruiser. After she cooked him a meal, the man found a camera in the apartment and began taking pictures of the woman and telling her she was beautiful. The man tried to convince the woman to go into a shower and a bedroom with him, but she refused.

Police said the man proceeded to get high on methamphetamine in front of the woman. She finally convinced him to leave, and he fled on her blue beach cruiser bicycle.


Sometimes you’re just having a real shitty day and you need a home cooked meal to settle you down.  Like days where you get caught stealing $100 by a chick’s son and get chased down the block.  Or days where a chick can’t take a compliment about being beautiful and repay you by following you into the shower and bedroom.  Or days where the chick also refuses to do methamphetamine with you.  Broads are becoming real independent these days. This equality thing is starting to become a problem.  I’m not sure this is what Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had in mind when they created America.  People have their roles in life.  And a chick’s role was in the bedroom and kitchen.  Now women think they can have $100, refuse to cook for men, and refuse shower and bedroom time.  Sure, dude is a meth head.  Sure, he probably was gross and scary looking.  I’ve seen meth heads, I wouldn’t let them get within 30 feet on me.  But I’m a dude so I don’t have to worry about that.  Think how bad this guy has it.  He’s a homeless, carless, showerless, foodless black meth head who’s running around LA in a winter jacket.  Damn this bro has it real rough right now.  Real rough for even America’s standard.  All he wants in life is a roof, a meal, a shower and some bedroom time.  Yet all he has is himself, a winter jacket, his meth and a blue beach cruiser.  Time in the clink is going to be a dream for this guy.  3 square meals a day, a mattress, clothes and a temperature controlled environment.  Thomas Walker is going to this place is the Hilton.



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