Korean Kids Get Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Ordering $250 Worth Of French Fries

Huff Post – Ever wonder what $250 worth of McDonald’s french fries looks like? Great news. Thanks to a bunch of kids in South Korea, you can stop wondering.

A sale on fries at the fast food chain inspired a group of kids to order a ridiculous amount of them, according to the website Rocket News 24. Their order was so massive, in fact, that the kids took over multiple tables at the restaurant with fries covering every inch of available space.

The french fry party may have been funny for those involved, but it appears to have peeved off the eatery’s other customers, whose food was delayed. The kids got so rambunctious, that a fed up worker ended up telling all of the kids to leave, according to Rocket News.

McDonald’s did not respond to The Huffington Post’s immediate request for comment Wednesday night.

Apparently, “potato parties” are quite trendy at McDonald’s restaurants across Asia. The low price of fries in Japan recently led to hoards of students descending on McDonald’s and ordering massive amounts of fries as well. At said potato parties, attendees are required to eat all of the fries before leaving, according to the Japan Daily Press.

One group of kids in Japan purchased a total of 60 large orders of fries, according to Kotaku. (In case you’re counting, that’s 30,000 calories worth.)


1) That’s a lot of fucking fries.  I struggle with a medium.  2) How fat to you have to be to become frustrated with McDonald’s because someone ahead of you ordered too much of something?  Yeah, waiting sucks.  I get that.  But come on.  These fucking Korean kids are hungry and all they usually get to eat is some kind of rice.  3) Fuck the McDonald’s worker for kicking these kids out.  They come in, drop $250 on your food and you kick them out because they’re a little happy go-lucky about all the fries they get to eat?  I’d be fucking rambunctious too.  McDonald’s fries are awesome.  If there’s one thing McDonald’s does well its their fries.  I just hope these kids brought some dough for soda.  Everyone knows that you can only eat a half dozen fries before you have to sip on some coke.  Also, you have to eat at least one burger.  Its physically and mentally impossible to only eat a burger, or only eat fries.  You have to have both, and you have to have a coke with it.  Those are the rules, folks.  I dare you to break them.



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