Having A Brand New Half Sleeve Completed Is 100% A Valid Reason For Sitting Out A Baseball Game

LarryBrownSports – Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus was scratched from spring training action on Thursday because of an injury. As we know, injuries that occur during spring training often have hilarious stories attached to them. Most of them seem to typically involve pitchers, but Andrus has made an exception.

Elvis apparently decided to get some new ink on his left arm recently. What does that have to do with anything? Well, it would appear that his new tattoo is the reason he is sitting out on Thursday.



I’m not going to sit here and blast Elvis Andrus for sitting out with bicep sensitivity.  I had my bicep tattooed over the summer- complete half sleeve- and I couldn’t rub my arm against anything for a good day or so.  Its the ultimate sunburn. 4-hours of 20-some odd needles rubbing against your skin isn’t some kind of relaxing massage.  T-shirts were like creations of the devil at that point in my life.  I wanted nothing to do with fabric at all, not unless it was a tank top.  All I wanted to do was walk around shirtless, but society frowns on that so I was forced to cover up some.  Fuckin’ society really jewed me on that one.  So when Elvis here decides that swinging a bat and having his sleeves constantly scrape his fresh ink, or that possibly having to dive across the infield and slide on his arm isn’t in the best interest of his pain tolerance then I’m all for EA sitting this one out.  Its spring training.  Spring training is preseason except shittier because its baseball and baseball takes too fucking long as it is.  If I’m Andrus I’m getting tattooed on my right arm come July/August just so I can get another small break. 162 games is pure torture.  Pure fucking torture.


(h/t LarryBrownSports and Bleacher Report)



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