6’4″ D-Leaguer Chris Roberts Dunks All Over 7’5″ D-Leaguer Will Foster

The D-League sucks.  Somebody want to tell me why a 7’5″ basketball player is jumping up and then turning his back on a 6’4″ player?  That’s a whole foot advantage Will Foster had.  A foot, people.  Now I understand he’s white and Chris is black and some people like to believe that can be the difference maker, but not a foot.  Not a foot.  This video brought back memories of Shawn Bradley- one of the tallest, but the absolute worst basketball player of all-time.  If I’m 7-feet tall I’m not letting anyone dunk on me ever.  Ever.  There’s no way possible.  Go ahead and jump up and if I can’t block you, you’re taking a quick trip.. to the floor.  I will hack the shit out of you every time.  I will make it so you never drive the lane with me in it again.  The refs can t-me up all they want.  I’ll gladly take each one.  But I will not, and I repeat not be put on a poster.  Fuck that noise.



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