The Miami Heat Joined The Craze And Did The Harlem Shake

Am I surprised that the Miami Heat did a fake Harlem Shake video?  Absolutely not.  Does that mean that LeBron didn’t absolutely kill the video?  No, because he most certainly did.  I’m kind of impressed that LeBron went shirtless with the king’s robe and crown.  Bold move.  Only thing I’m curious about is which one is Wade?  He’s the bear, right?  I at first thought he was the other one wearing a red robe, but I’m pretty sure that’s Ray Allen.  Either way, whoever is rocking the bear head in the video ran away with 2nd place in the costume contest.  Fire ensemble.  Then it was Mario Chalmers dressed as Super Mario.  That was great.  Worst costume went to the Bostrich, Chris Bosh.  Fuck, Chris Bosh and his cheap Walmart rob and oversized boom box.


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