Chane Behanan Goes Knees To Face While Posterizing A DePaul Defender

In my main man, Stephen A. Smith’s voice, ‘How disrespectful?!’  Little homie on DePaul sat there and waited for that charge.  He was all about taking one for the team.  Unfortunately, he just ate Behanan’s knee.  And when I say he ate his knee, I’m being 100% truthful.  I’m almost positive Behanan’s whole knee was inside his mouth.  Knee to the mouth, balls to the face, and a blocking foul to boot.  Worst 2-3 seconds of a guy’s life.  At that point you just have to get up, look over at your coach, give him the head nod and take a seat on the bench.  Let him know your life is in a timeout until you can gather yourself and your emotions as a man.


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