Washington Wizards’ Announcer, Steve Buckhantz Really Gets Excited Over An Air Ball

No sweat, Steve.  Can’t get them all right.  We all have bad days.  Days where we read and write that a 5-year old brought weed to school, when in actuality it was a 5th grader.  Then your boy hits you up and is like, ‘uh, dude, I think you messed something up.  Your title says 5-year old, but the story says 5th grader.’  Yeah, see what had happened was, my reading comprehension skills are a little rusty.  Guess I should really buckle down or just keep blogging videos.  Or, you have the days where you’re commentating a basketball game, and you mistake an air ball for a walk-off 3-pointer.  Shit happens.  Can’t dwell on it, just have to move on.  Its not the mistake you make that validates you as an individual, its how you respond to such a mistake.  Right now I’m validated as a loser because I still haven’t recovered.  Its running my brain- as you can see I’m still talking about it.  You on the other hand have another game coming up and a co-worker who made the same exact mistake.  That already eliminates half the blame off you.  Wish I had that.  Guess I need to hire an editor, that way I have someone to blame for when my mistakes get published.



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