Ryan Evans Is So Bad At Free Throws That He Has To Jump To Shoot Them

Big Ten Network – Mired in a season-long slump at the free-throw line (41 percent), the Wisconsin senior decided to address his struggles. As expected from reports earlier this week, Evans fired up a jump shot on his first free throw in Tuesday’s rout of Nebraska. And it went in.

That’s a rare, rare sight, to say the least. And, as play-by-play man Dave Revsine mentioned during the telecast, Evans was awfully close to committing a violation. In fact, it looked like he did cross the line. Whatever, it wasn’t called.

The bigger story here is that Evans attempted this in a game. It’s refreshing to see a player who’s willing to try anything to stop costing his team “free” points. He gets even more credit when the end result can lead to good-natured joking from teammates, opponents, fans and media.

Best of all: Evans finished the night a perfect 2-of-2 from the charity stripe. Baby steps.


Nice form, bruh.  Holy shit.  I can’t believe I just witnessed that.  I was like 10-years old trying to practice free throws and my dad would call me a girl for jumping.  His words were ‘you don’t jump on free throws.  You stand there and shoot.  Have you ever seen an NBA player jump?’  He was right, too.  I had never seen an NBA player jump for a free throw.  I’d seen a few girls do the bunny hop on their free throws, but they were chicks.  Chicks are weak creatures who can’t open jars.  Don’t believe me?  Fake a hand injury and see how long the pickles sit in the fridge unopened.  Either that or the broad is smashing the jar open to eat her kosher dills.

Its a fact that no guy ever wants to be upstaged by the entire female sex, but that’s exactly what is happening to Ryan Evans.  Yeah, his jump shot free throw is funny and the hot thing right now, but there’s no stamina to it.  It’ll fizz out and he’ll just be known as the world’s worst free throw shooter.  Which is pretty bad considering Shaq and Dwight Howard are still alive, and Howard is still an active NBA player.  If I’m NBA GM’s I’m purposely not drafting Evans until he can shoot like a man.  I want 2-feet on the court, with elbows and knees bent.  If I see his toes come over the floor, his name comes over my draft board.  Have fun in the WNBA, Juwanna Mann.



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