LeBron Is Laughing In All Of Our Faces With Every Pre-Game Warmup Dunk He Attempts

Apparently LeBron’s new thing is staging a dunk contest during every pre-game warmup.  Completely laughing in every fan’s face that he won’t participate in the real one and we’re stuck watching smoes like Jeremy Evans and Terrence Ross.  Its so bad that I had to actually Google who was in the contest and who won it just to type those two names.  I typically remember everything that has to do with sports.  Literally everything.  The dunk contest just sucked that bad.  I’ve seen two dunks from LeBron in warmups, the one in this post and this one…

That off the backboard joint could have won every dunk contest since Vince stuck his arm in the rim and hung. Fuck you, LeBron for torturing us.  I wasn’t all about the #GetLeBronToDunk campaign that my boy, Skip had going.  However, he might have had a point. LeBron needs to stop doing this to us.  Just dunk the ball 6 times next year for the NBA’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, get your trophy and make all of us happy.  You can even re-attempt all these dunks because its not like anyone else is going to be able to do them.  I don’t care if they practice all year and offseason.



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