Justin Bieber May, Or May Not Have Shit Himself In Public

Damn, Biebs. What’s good with the poor fitting pants? I know how it feels to be a skinny dude with little to no ass, but even I fill my jeans out better than that. You might want to take those back or have a tailor take them in a bit. Can’t be going around looking like you have a weeks worth of shit in your pants. It was straight when you were Baby Biebs, but now you’re grown Biebs. Grown Biebs can only shit himself during a drunk, passed out night at home. Because let’s face it, we’ve all been there. There’s nothing to hide. You either have pissed yourself once, or shit yourself once. And for some, you’ve done both.

PS, I don’t know what to make of this entire outfit.  Purple leopard pants, a yellow studded hat, and 2 watches.  Bieber just literally doing whatever Bieber wants.  Meanwhile, I’m self-conscious about whether I can pull off a tank top.  It ain’t right.

(h/t Dlisted)



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