J.R. Smith Lends A Hand At Relationship Counseling

Daily Dot – A quick piece of advice on dating an athlete, from the eccentric and entertaining hoopster J.R. Smith: If you’re not going to be direct—and let him know quite simply whether or not you’re “trying to get the pipe”—you may want to follow this handy guide.

The New York Knick shooting guard turned to his Instagram account Monday to post a list of helpful hints to make the ladies in the world better companions to their athlete boyfriends.


No better man to take relationship advice from then a man whose pickup line is, “you trying to get the pipe?”  I’m going to be honest and say he’s spot on with every single one of these tips.  Its remarkable how well J.R. knows relationships.  He didn’t just get the aspect of a female dating an athlete, he nailed a female dating… period.  1) Always be there for them, 2) Please them when needed, 3) Don’t stress them out, 4) Massage them, 5) Cater to them, I mean he’s just hitting every single point.  Chicks need to stop watching Dr. Phil and following all the relationship Twitter accounts; its all bullshit.  Take a screenshot of this image, save it and go over it every time you and your man are fighting.  Make sure you’re not breaking any of the rules.  You’d be surprised how many you ‘accidentally’ violate each day.  Also, keep reading Cosmo.  There’s some good shit in there, ladies.  Some good shit.



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