Hockey Coach Gets A 2-Minute Minor After Post-Game Handshakes

AP – A Vancouver pee-wee hockey coach has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for tripping a player during a postgame handshake.

Martin Tremblay swept out the leg of an opposing player while the teams were going through the typical hockey ritual of lining up to shake hands after the game. Two players, a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old, fell to the ice. The move was caught on video and worked its way around the Internet.

The 48-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of assault in November.

Richmond provincial court Judge Patrick Chen gave Tremblay jail time, saying he wasn’t satisfied that time served in the community was enough to denounce or deter the man for his actions.


This took place 3-months, but apparently it took that long to convict and sentence.  And all he got was 15-days too.  Therefore I cant hate and wont hate on the coach here.  What a fuckin’ boss move Martin pulled here.  Got a bunch of 13-year old punks just whooping your team’s ass up and down the ice?  Put out a Doc Martin undercut his blades.  Its not like he just casually stuck a foot out there either.  He went full on foot swipe.  Nearly fell down in the process.  Then he got to finger wagging and everything afterwards like it was the players fault.

“No, fuck you.  Its your fault you tripped.  Think about that next time you’re throwing up a hat trick and 2 assists.”

These 13-year olds are a bunch of bitches.  Somebody had to be the enforcer out there.  So Martin Tremblay put his team on his back, and put the opponents on theirs.  Coach of the Fucking Year.



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