Doctors Give A Man A New Penis 34-Years After He Loses His In A Horrific Accident

The Sun – Mohammed Abad’s willy and one testicle were ripped off during a horror car accident when he was just six.

Mo, now 40, was playing in the snow with friends in Huddersfield in 1978 when he was accidentally pushed under a car and dragged for 600ft down a road. Initially he was given just 12 hours to live, but he miraculously survived and spent the next 18 months in and out of hospital. At the time doctors built Mo a tube using skin from his leg so he could urinate, but his new “penis” was entirely sensation-less and had no sexual function.

He later faced questions from relatives about why he hadn’t settled down, married and had children. But while he knew the truth about his inability to have kids, he revealed it was never really spoken about at home. Appearing on ITV1’s This Morning today, Mo said: “My parents never sat me down from a young age and said ‘when you were young you had an accident and we were told that you can’t have (kids)’, I’ve never been told that. I’ve had to find that out for myself.”

And it wasn’t until two and a half years ago, when Mo met his now wife, that he finally decided he was going to try to do something about it. He went along to see the doctors from Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies, who put him in touch with experts who could help. And now he will at last have a brand new fully-functioning manhood thanks to a series of revolutionary operations.

Mo, from Edinburgh, has so far undergone the first of three ops he will need to fully rebuild his penis. Incredibly during the first 11-hour procedure doctors discovered a testicle that had been pushed up inside Mo’s body during the accident. Doctors will now look at whether the testicle is producing sperm. While Mo’s next two ops will also see medics return sensation to his penis and fit a pump that allows him to become aroused.


I don’t care who you are, or who you hate, when you hear that a man lost a testicle and the functionality of his penis your heart breaks to pieces.  Having a none sexually working penis has to be the worst kind of pain imaginable.  I’m taking every physical pain there is before I’m taking having a penis that refuses to work so that I may enjoy vagina.  Guys live for vagina.  Not sure if all you females knew that, but its 100% true.  While we love you guys as human beings and we marry you because we love you, we also love the vagina.  I’m surprised Mohammed was even able to settle down and marry knowing his dick was just going to sleep away the entire honeymoon.  Its not like he wasn’t aware that was the case.  He’d already been dealing with a sleeping dick for 31-years at that point.  A let down if there ever was one.

This surgery could be the most risky thing ever, costing millions upon millions of dollars and I’m going to say 10/10 times you’re taking this surgery.  A life without sexing isn’t a life worth living.  I just made that up on the fly, here, but its absolutely 100% true and 100% fire.  God I blow myself away with my intelligence.  Anyway, props to Mo for becoming a man.  Its a shame that his dick is his forearm now, or maybe it’s that his forearm is his dick, but either or, he’s getting a working dick and that’s all that truly matters.

PS, The driver who ran him over for 600-feet, destroying his 6-year old manhood should have been prosecuted to the maximum.  As should the ‘accidental’ pusher.  I’m talking state penitentiary, locked up 23.5 hours out of a possible 24, no pay, no cell perks like snacks and tv, and no visitors until Mo has his new dick.  You want to ruin a man’s life, you must suffer the consequences.



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