5th Grader Gets Suspended From School For Helping His Dad Quit Drugs

WTKR – A fifth grader from Driver Elementary in Suffolk is facing being kicked out for bring marijuana to school.

“Policy is policy, but I do think they need to check into the situation more,” said former teacher Jonathan Lewis.

Suffolk police say the student brought marijuana to school last week, but tell us it wasn’t for him or his classmates. They say the child showed his teacher the pot. Then, with his mother there with him, said he took it from his father’s truck and brought it in so his dad would stop smoking marijuana. And now, the school’s policy says expulsion is the next step, whether the child is telling the truth or not.

“Today is a different day in age. I can’t imagine that happening. It obviously seems young, but I mean, but they’re so exposed to everything nowadays. I mean who knows what the child’s homelife is like and what kind of exposure they’re getting besides drugs,” Lewis added.

NewsChannel 3 tried talking to the principal and superintendent, but they wouldn’t speak to us. A school spokesperson said an expulsion hearing will be scheduled where they will look at all extenuating circumstances. The fifth grader is currently suspended until the expulsion hearing, which the school told us will be sometime within the next ten days.

Policy is policy, bro? That’s a joke, right? I get it, a 5-year old 5th grader shouldn’t be bringing in pot to school. But he brought it in and showed/basically gave it to his teacher and said he took it from his dad so his dad wouldn’t smoke it anymore. Plus the kid’s mom was right there. Let’s cut a break where a break needs to be cut. I’m not punishing this kid at all. He actually made a stand up decision. Something that schools are supposed to teach their students. I thought that’s what the D.A.R.E. Program thought us to do. When you find or see drugs bring them to an adult. If you know someone doing drugs, tell someone so you can help them out. And to never ever do drugs. Seems like this bro nailed every rule D.A.R.E. put out there. I’m proud as shit of this little guy. Former teacher Jonathan Lewis is an asshole though. I’m also not buying his line, ‘Today is a different day in age. I can’t imagine that happening. It obviously seems young.. yadda, yadda, yadda nonsense.

You want to do something, go after the parents for having weed available for their 10-year old to steal. That’s what needs to be punished. If you’re dumb enough to just leave weed around, you need to be arrested and put behind bars. You’re a risk to society. What isn’t a risk is a 5-year old 10-year old with pot. You ever see someone roll a joint? Guaran-damn-tee a 5-year old 10-year old isn’t getting that shit done. Fuck, I bet you a 5-year old 10-year old can’t even get a lighter to work. I didn’t master a Bic until I was like 15, even then I’d burn my thumb numerous times trying to light a candle. Thank Baby J they invented those tall candle lighters. Saved my digits and fingerprints for sure.

5-year olds are too busy missing the toilet when they piss, struggling to button their own pants, and struggling to put their shoes on right.  Being able to smoke weed would be a genius activity for one of them.  When you’re 5, you’re basically semi-retarded.  There’s a reason why no one can remember before they were 7-8-years old.  If you remembered all the stupid shit you did or thought from that age or before we’d all be clones of Honey Boo Boo.

Side Note: As you can see, I originally read and wrote this whole thing as if the student was a 5-years old and not a 5th grader.  H/t to ChefBoyRD for picking up on the difference. I guess Sports Reporter should step up his reading comprehension. Can’t be mailing it in like that on a Wednesday. You gotta be better than that, guy. You gotta.

PS, This story would have been a trillion times better had this kid actually been 5-years old. I feel like that’s a story that needs to be told, not a 5th grader. 5th graders probably do get high. They’re probably eating the shit out of some pot brownies that they’ve baked up in their little sister’s Easy Bake Oven. Can’t roll a joint or light a lighter so you have to work with what you’ve got. Even if its an oven working off a 60 watt light bulb.


2 thoughts on “5th Grader Gets Suspended From School For Helping His Dad Quit Drugs

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