Kanye West Rants About Hating ‘Suit & Tie’ The Grammy’s And Business People

Kanye West is 100% a hipster.  Hates everything that’s popular.  Which is why he’s constantly changing his looks and rapping.  His rapping changes for the better, but his fashion has taken a hit.  Straitjackets on stage as a getup isn’t what I’d call a good look but whatever.  He can wear whatever he wants.  I’m not so sure I’d be going after my boss though.  Rapping about his latest collaboration sucking might be a bad move.  Its bad enough him and Bey hate Kim, you don’t need them hating Ye too.  Or baby Kimye.  Next thing you’ll be rapping about how Blue Ivy is a good name, but Baby Kimye’s name is going to be the greatest name of all-time.  Such a Kanye move.  Ultimate hardo is there ever was one.

And to answer your question, Jay-Z is the reason why you’re in this shit.



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