Hockey’s Kind Of Racist, Huh?

I don’t know if hockey is racist or just it’s fans, but this has to most definitely be considered a racist action.  I understand the school was doing a ‘white out’ event for the hockey game, but dressing as the KKK might have been taking that a little too far.  Seems like a bunch of other students were just cool with white tees, long sleeves and sweatshirts.  Nobody else needed white robes and hoods with the eyes cut out.  I could totally be misinterpreting this, however my gut says I’m nailing this spot on.  Now, am I saying that this wasn’t funny as fuck?  No.  Because it was.  I would never do this because I’m not racist and I hate those types, but the balls of these kids kills me.  Can’t say if I wasn’t in the crowd I wouldn’t have giggled to myself because I most certainly would have.  I shared this photo with like 10 people as soon as I received it.  Although with all that stated, the only thing funnier would have been if they would have come in contact with a few minorities while they were dressed in their white out attire.  I’d have paid to see that encounter.  Cold hard cash straight from my pocket.

Side Note: The dudes behind them look like they’re all in a Slim Shady cult.  Lame, bros.

Side Note #2: I want to know the age of the chick holding the red ‘Conette High’ sign and the chick to her left. *Please be 18*



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