Everyone Wanted To Know If I Saw Clooney Killing The Oscar’s With His Combover… Answer: Of Course I Did

I must’ve received 200 hundred messages Sunday night from people asking me if I saw George Clooney’s sleek combover.  It became overwhelming.  Of course I saw Clooney’s sick ass haircut.  How could you have missed it?!  George Clooney was just doing his per usual… killing the game.  Clooney is everything I want to be in life.  He doesn’t hide behind his age, he accepts it.  Salt and pepper hair coloring doesn’t phase him.  He just takes the stylish hairstyle that is the combover and makes that salt and pepper look ill.  Makes me want to go down to the nearest Wal-Mart, get me a case of that Just For Men Touch Of Grey and start the aging process now.  If Stacey Keibler is digging it then he’s doing something right.  Which brings me to my next point about George: He’s fucking Stacey Keibler on the regular, guys.  Thats what he’s putting his dick in every night while your touching yours or begging your psycho girlfriend/wife to touch it for you.  Really puts a damper on your day, doesn’t it?  Makes you want to find the bottle of Tylenol and just go visit Baby J.  Maybe swim in a bathtub full of razor blades and wash up with a bottle of alcohol afterwards.  Life ain’t fair.  It ain’t fuckin’ fair.



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