You Might Be 9-Years Old But The Onion Will Still Let You Know If You’re Being A Cunt


MSN – The Onion is renowned for crossing lines of good taste, but has the satirical newspaper finally gone too far? During the Oscars ceremony, the brains behind The Onion’s Twitter account posted this joke about 9-year-old Best Actress nominee Quvenzhané Wallis: “Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a c**t, right?” On the one hand, it’s a joke on playing on how utterly sweet, adorable and not-at-all C-word-like Wallis was at the Oscars. On the other hand, she’s 9, and words don’t come any worse than that one. Someone at The Onion clearly saw sense and deleted the tweet, but not before sparking fury on Twitter.

Sometimes you just have to be honest when no one else wants to.  Chicks 9-years old and acting like a cunt?  Gotta let her know she’s a cunt.  You want to roll with the big dogs and get nominated for Best Actress at 9-years old?  Well this is what can possibly happen.  Bigs dogs gets big dogged.  The Onion just big dogged the shit out of her.  Made change with this little broad’s ass.  And I personally love it.  Most consider the word cunt to be an extremely offensive word, not I though.  I use it on the regular.  Shit pisses me off, I’ll utter ‘cunt.’  No matter what it is.  I could drop something, have something go wrong, make a mistake, anything.  Sometimes it becomes a problem like when you’re in public, but for the most part people who know me have begun to get used to it.  Cunt this, cunt that.  That’s why when The Onion dropped it I wasn’t blown away like most for how atrocious it is for them to use such a word, no, I was blown away that they would actually use the word.  I love it.  I love the balls on The Onion for using cunt.  I don’t care how old the broad is.

Did you see that little stuck up snob with the dog purse?!  Get the fuck out of here with that, sweetheart.  This is The Oscar’s.  Bitches are wearing Gucci, and two-million dollars worth of diamonds and you’re showing up with a 101 Dalmatians purse.  Even Cruella DeVille was disgusted and that bitch wears dogs.  This isn’t The Kid’s Choice Awards.  This is the big game, The Oscar’s.  This is where Seth MacFarlane jokes about Mel Gibson being a racist and Chris Brown beating Rihanna.  Where bitches show up drunk and try to hold interviews without anyone noticing.  The Oscar’s throw out the biggest punches.  They put the paws to you.  Chicks like Adele get told they’re 9-feet tall and 9-feet wide, give her a Trident and she’s Ursula.  That’s what the celeb life is all about, hun.  Wait until you hit puberty and you really start getting judged.  You could catch fat jokes like Adele, Jessica Simpson and Oprah, you could catch skinny jokes like the Olsen twins, you could catch ugly jokes like Brittney Griner or catch whore jokes like Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.  You’re a chick.  This is what happens to chicks.  Y’all get judged the fuck out of.  Don’t hate the judges for judging.  Hate the competition.  Up your game up to the big leagues.  You don’t want to be called a cunt?  Don’t be the lead actress in a movie at 9-years old and show up to The Oscar’s with a canine purse.  Simple as that Miss Wallis.

For real though, what the fuck is with this broad and dog purses?



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