What The Fuck, Monday

What the fuck happened, bruh?  It looks like you’re on that Khloe Kardashian diet.  Come up for some air and stop eating everything in front of you.  Its called fruits and vegetables once in a while, maybe some water instead of soda and milk.  This is some shit broads do during a breakup.  They spend 20 hours a day on the couch making love to Ben & Jerry’s, the Lifetime Movie Network and Drake songs on repeat.  Ain’t no chick in the entire world worth getting diabetes and not being able to see your dick because of your fat ass gut.  You’re supposed to make bitches go into work dressed in sweats, with no makeup and their eyes swollen red.  You’re not supposed to let a chick make you go out in public dressed in sweats, carrying a lunchable, looking like your whole body is swollen.  You’re on the verge of not being able to tie your shoes without taking a quick breather between feet.  How dare you let Khloe off the hook as fattest Kardashian.  This shit is atrocious.  You’re rich because of your sisters.  Use that for a fuckin’ advantage.  Take your easy paychecks, stay fit and fuck hot bitches with low ass self-esteem.  You’re literally living the life every male wishes he had, and you’re just ruining it like you’re ruining your blood pressure and arteries.  You better fix your act, playboy.

PS, I just Google searched his ex to figure who what’s causing him to eat house and home, and this is the bitch..

I have no problem with saying that I wouldn’t lose a night’s sleep over this broad.  I’m honestly disgusted in Rob.  I don’t even know what more to say.  Come on, man.


One thought on “What The Fuck, Monday

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