Desmond Bryant Goes Full Retard-Face With His Latest Mugshot


Oakland Raiders’ player Desmond Bryant crushed it hard with his latest mugshot photo.  This photo makes up for every subpar season; each time they’ve finished with less than 8-wins, and every time they’ve been the laughing stock of the NFL.  Who needs Super Bowl titles, Pro Bowlers and playoff appearances when you can get inebriated, enter a neighbor’s house and get arrested for criminal mischief?  My respect meter for Desmond and the Raiders just went up a few notches.  The fake retard face has to be respected.  Its an automatic win.  The very first face you go to when trying to draw a laugh.  Whether its from a toddler or an adult, the fake retard face will have the whole world joyous.  I want to see the entire Raiders’ team play with this face, maybe then their games will become a little more tolerable.



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