J.R. Smith Gets To Twitter To Ask, ‘You Trying To Get The Pipe?’


Remember that time you were a 27-year old million for the New York Knicks and you asked a high school girl for sex via Twitter?  Oh, you don’t?  That must just be a J.R. Smith thing then.  I love how she was on top of her phone DM-ing him back less than a minute after he’d hit her up.  Then he’d wait 2 hours to reply ‘dope,’ ‘oh really,’ and ‘you trying to get the pipe?’  So classic.  J.R. knows bitches.  Bitches want to be hassled continuously.  But they also want to chase.  They love to chase.  You forget about them for a few and they’re texting you wondering where you went, and what you up to.  Keeps them coming back for more.  That’s why chicks dig assholes.  Its not the guy, its the personality.  They feel like they have us on the hook.  They’re all like, ‘Hey Susie, how are you and Brian?’ ‘We’re good.  We talked like 3 days ago. Thinking about making plans this weekend but he keeps playing hard to get saying, ‘he doesn’t know.’  I know he knows.’  Right, bitch.  No, ‘we don’t know’ means (cue The Rrice is Right losing tone), shit ain’t happening.  That’s how we get down.  If we’re trying to make plans, we”ll make plans.  We’ll come out like J.R. here and straight up ask, ‘you trying to get the pipe?’  Some bitches will be disgusted, and some bitches will be like, ‘for sure.’  You just have to weed through the disgusted ones to get to the ‘for sure’ ones.  They’re there.  Trust me.


In case anyone didn’t get the Price is Right reference, you’re welcome..


Want to know how J.R. dealt with this via his Instagram?

Game. Set. Match.  Swish just brought home the gold.


One thought on “J.R. Smith Gets To Twitter To Ask, ‘You Trying To Get The Pipe?’

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