Cheerleader Front Flips Into A Half-Court Shot

Its never a good look when a cheerleader can do a handspring, then toss a basketball in from half-court.  Especially when there are actual women’s basketball players who shoot shots like this.  And like this.  Cheerleading may not be a sport, but I’ll admit that their participants are way more athletic than their basketball players.  I guess this means that women’s basketball also isn’t a sport.  It sucks to suck, and women’s athletics suck.  However, a lot of cheerleaders are Grade A’s.  Like Ashlee here.  She’s fire.  And isn’t that what life is all about?  Looking good?  Way to win at life, Ashlee.

There’s a real good chance that I stalk the shit out of Ashlee tonight and make her my Grade A for tomorrow.  Real good.  I lied.  I just stalked her Facebook and wasn’t impressed.  Plus she has a boyfriend.  If you’re not a celebrity and you have a boyfriend, you can’t be Grade A.  Sorry, but really I’m not sorry.  I make the rules.

PS, Love the face on the dude who met her on the court and picked her up.  He was super, super excited.  Too bad he’s friend zoned.  And I loved the hillbilly redneck behind the camera who said, ‘you got it dude…. it gon’ be on tv tonight.’  So much redneck swag with that line.


One thought on “Cheerleader Front Flips Into A Half-Court Shot

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