Tim Tebow Isn’t Too Fond Of Dallas’ First Baptist Church’s Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Pastor

Daily Mail – Tim Tebow has now decided to cancel his upcoming speaking engagement after outcry against the athlete over the Texas church’s controversial anti-gay and anti-Semitic pastor.

The outspoken Christian quarterback took to Twitter this morning to announce that he will no longer be speaking at the First Baptist Dallas Church on April 28.

He tweeted:


A church representative told TMZ: ‘We are saddened that Mr. Tebow felt pressure to back out of his long-planned commitment from numerous New York and national sports and news media who grossly misrepresented past comments made by our pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress, specifically related to issues of homosexuality and AIDS, as well as Judaism.’

It truly amazes me how people can literally ruin religion for others.  I had, and still have no problem with people who believe in a God, or people who choose to live their life with a certain belief.  That’s their prerogative.  What pisses me off is when they try to use it against other people and their lives.  Does it matter that two people of the same sex are in love with each other?  Because from where I’m sitting I still don’t understand where it affects you.  And its always these damn pastors who make me want to hate organized religion.  They take their little book full of whatever stories have been supposedly passed down and they read so far into each one that instead of making their life better and others, they end up ruining more lives than they help.  Religion is meant to make an individual better.  Its a morality thing.  Thats what each passage in the bible teaches.  It teaches to honor each other, and respect each other.  It teaches you to live a better life.  Not to judge one another based on qualities that we don’t agree with.  That’s why there’s more than one religion.  If there was just one it might be easier to take literal.  But there’s a different one in almost every country, and almost everyone exist in our United States.

Robert Jeffress is no different than a cult leader.  In fact, he is a cult leader.  This guy is Adolfo Constanzo, Marshall Herff Applewhite, Charles Manson, and Jim Jones all put together. Its just a shame that a majority of people view him in a positive manner than a negative one like all the rest.  No one thinks about religion as a cult.  Which is funny because Jeffress has gone out of his way to refer to other religions as cults, but not his own.  I’ve ripped Tim Tebow for his on the field play, but I give him a round of applause for this decision.  He has no problem voicing his beliefs, but he doesn’t use his popularity to throw it down our throats.  He doesn’t use it in a negative manner.  And I’m glad as a person so outgoing with his beliefs that he’s chosen to distance himself from these kinds of thoughts and opinions.

And I can see that the church representative has chosen to be Jeffress’ ride or die bitch.  Him coming out and saying the media grossly misinterpreted the pastor’s comments can is truly laughable.  He must be so high that he’s hanging out with Baby J right now.  There was no ‘gross misinterpretation’ going on.  Absolutely none.  You can watch and listen to the videos yourself.  There was a lot of truly gross interpretation going on.  Like Jeffress thinking everyone who isn’t like him is the cause America’s, and the rest of the world’s problems.  The guy straight up bashes homosexuality for 3 minutes.  And then for 23 minutes he talks about how America is going to crumble because no one takes their Christianity seriously and Obama is the Anti-Christ.  Cool story, bri.  Then he gets to saying that you can judge people based on their beliefs.  Bingo, bango.  That means I have full reign to judge the shit out of Robert Jeffress for being a low-class, homophobic cult leader.  Thanks, Rob.  Enjoy Hell, bruh!



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