Donald J. Trump Tweets Lil Weezy Lyrics… Then Cries Hack


Untitled 2

Don’t be a puss bag, Donald.  I’m pretty sure if someone wanted to hack you, they’d say something a little better than ‘These hoes think they class, well that’s the class I’m skippen.’  Hoes do think they’re classy, and I’m with ya, I’m skipping that class, too.  Ain’t no problem with tweeting that out.  I’m always tweeting about how bitches be buggin’.  And you know why?  Because bitches be buggin’.  Twitter is our access to the world.  Our way of letting everyone know our thoughts.  So what’s the big deal if our thoughts just happen to be a Weezy lyric?  I’m more surprised that you know a Weezy lyric.  I’d have thought you were more an old school follower of someone like Jigga man since you’re a businessman handling your business, man.

And the fact that Donald tweeted 19 minutes after his account was supposedly ‘hacked’ can only mean one thing: Donald caught hell from all his conservative friends for using the term ‘hoes’ and listening to rap so came out with this statement afterwards.  Conservatives hate shit like rap music and minorities.  They like white people, country music, boozes, taxes, and hating women.



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