Dad Requests No African American Nurses Care For His Child

Daily Mail – This is the note that caused a nurse to sue the hospital she works for after they fulfilled a father’s request to have no black nurses care for his newborn.

Tonya Battle filed the suit against Hurley Medical Center in Michigan last week after she was allegedly barred from caring for the child in the neonatal intensive care unit due to her skin color. 

The note said: ‘Please, No African American Nurses to care for [name] Baby per Dad’s request. Thank you.’

When the father saw Battle caring for his baby, he asked to speak to a supervisor.

The lawsuit states: ‘The father told the [nurse in charge] that he did not want any African Americans taking care of his baby.’

The nurses then had a staff meeting about it and went to the nurse’s home to inform her of their decision to comply with the wishes of the man – who had ‘some type of tattoo which was believed to be a swastika of some kind’, the complaint read. The baby was immediately reassigned to another nurse. 

‘[She] was shocked, offended and in disbelief that she was so egregiously discriminated against based on her race and re-assigned,’ the court documents state.

The name of the father who made the request was not included in the court papers.


Here it is, the Sports Reporter’s area of expertise.  Hospitals and nurses.  First things first, nurses are not like they are on TV, or on porn.  None are walking around with cleavage showing, in their mid-20’s and hot as fuck.  Thats a myth.  I’ve come across a few knockouts and it literally took me 25-years to do so.  Side note, its the worst place to meet a hot chick because you look like shit and you’re in a hospital.  Also, they get to read your chart and see everything that is wrong with you.  Its like admitting to a broad everything that is wrong with you right from the get-go.  There’s a reason why we lie for the first 6-months.

I have no problem with cussing out nurses and hospital staff during my hospital stays.  I’ve had some shitty nurses.  Black ones, Spanish ones, and Caucasian ones.  I think the only ones who I haven’t rumbled with are Asian nurses.  They seem to be limited.  But I’d cuss them out too.  Not once have I thought about requesting a new one though.  But not this guy.  He goes straight for the kill right from the start.  He doesn’t even give the nurses a chance at fucking up.  Its like he’s racist.  (I know, I know, he is.  It was a sarcasm.)  He either wants white nurses or no nurses.  They’re the only ones who can get the job done.  And I’m going to come out and say it, he’s not 100% incorrect.  While I said I’ve had my rumble with all kinds of nurses, the black ones and spanish ones seem to be the worst.  They’re the argumentative kinds.  The ones who tend to not want to put up with shit, and the ones who are quick to give up and not check on you.  This is just my experience at my usual hospital of admission.

I will say that during my last admission I had an African American nurse and she was the best nurse I came in contact with.  I was assigned her 4 out of the 8 days I was there.  And I loved it.  Unfortunately I was also assigned a spanish broad who I hated, and who my sister currently despises.  That’s when you know you suck at your job; When my sister hates you.  Not much of a lower feeling than that in life.  When that time comes you might as well just pack up you belongings, quit your job, head to the nearest staffing agency and look for a new job.  Sorry, bitch.

So yeah, he was racist.  He is racist.  He should have given her a chance.  But he didn’t and his kid’s the customer, and the customer is always right.  That saying does work for hospitals too, right?



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