Who Am I, Wednesday?


The answer is your favorite bad bitch rapper, Nicki Minaj. According to Global Grind,

Nicki Minaj gave her male, and some female, fans the best Valentine’s Day gift she could think of yesterday…herself! The Pink Friday rapper was on the set of her music video with French Montana for his song “Freaks,” and took a quick break to take some pictures of her assets to share with her Twitter followers. Wearing a thong bikini in a hot tub, including a caption that involved renaming Valentine’s Day her own special version, Ms. Minaj got all of her 15+ million followers hot and bothered!’


Looks like I should have never stopped following Nicki on Twitter. Her page was good for something. Well, I still got to see her ass so no sweat off my back I guess. Anything she does newsworthy will just make Daily Mail, BuzzFeed or Twitter in some capacity so I’ll just continue not follow her and wait for the world to notify me of her big happenings. That way I don’t have to deal with her lunatic ways. I have a thing against retard typing like, ‘dat,’ ‘cpl,’ ‘gah,’ ‘gna,’ ‘wat,’ ‘ratchet,’ and ‘doe’ or ‘doh.’ And yes, I just copied 6 of those off her Twitter page. If I wanted to read elementary school grammar I’d tweet with the cast of the AT&T commercials.

Nice ass though. For sure, nice ass. Easily top 10, possibly top 5. That’s a straight up badonka donk if I ever saw one. Slim in the waist but thick in the hips is every girls dream. But thick in the waist, slim in the hips is most girls reality. Nicki’s just rubbing it in all those crying, ice cream eating bitch’s faces.



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