Joe Johnson Putting The Whole Nets Basketball Team On His Back, No Biggie

So PMT hit me up tonight around 8:30 to say, ‘I sure hope you’re not watching those wack ass Nets over this sick ass Hoosiers-Spartans game.’  Where I responded, ‘All day, errryday.’  The Nets are my squad, guy.  I can’t turn my back on them for some Hoosiers-Spartans game where one dude went around touching nuts all night.  Nah.  I had to stick around and watch my boy, Iso Joe do his damn thing.  Game tying shot in regulation, and then the game-winner in OT.  Exactly why Brooklyn went out and acquired him in the offseason.  This is what Brooklyn needs from him every game.  Having a guy who can get his own shot whenever he wants is huge.  Its what separates a team from being a playoff team from a championship team.  Not one championship team ever not had a go-to shot creator.  Whether it was Bill Russell on the Celtics, Bird on the Celtics, Magic with the Lakers, Kobe with the Lakers, Jordan with the Bulls, or LeBron with the Heat, every team had someone.  Now I’m not saying Joe Johnson is as great as any of them, but I am saying he’s better than what a majority of the league has going.  Brooklyn’s happy with him, and he’s happy with Brooklyn.  And that’s all that matters.

Side fact, only two players have more game-winning buzzer beaters in the last 10 years than Joe Johnson: Kobe Bryant and Gilbert Arenas.  No biggie, but its actually a huge biggie.



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