Darrelle Revis Gets To Twitter To Let Everyone Know ‘Richard Sherman Ain’t His Competition, Bro’


Haters gon’ hate, and Revis is hating. Not sure what his gripe is why Sherman besides Sherman saying he’s better than Revis or that he’s going to be better than Revis. Since 2010, I haven’t seen too much hype out of Revis besides himself hyping his skill for a new contract. I think he’s working on his second contract in 3-years. He just keeps holding the Jets organization over an open fire. And Revis is kind of dumb if he doesn’t think him and Sherman are competitors of one another. Yeah I get that they don’t lineup against one another, but they’re compared to one another. Thats competition. Revis is Sherman’s competition, and vice versa.

Its not like Revis isn’t getting love from the media and from fans. I mean, Sherman went down Bourbon Street and everyone was on Revis’ balls. Which kind of pissed me off. How does no one know who Richard Sherman is, and why isn’t he getting more love. Revis didn’t even play all year. He’s bitched 2 out of 3 years for contract extensions. And all anyone wants to talk about is Richard Sherman fighting and winning an Adderall suspension. Adderall, people. Its not even a real performance-enhancing drug. Its a damn pill that makes you stay awake and focus better. Saying he’s a cheater because of that is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard.

You can say that Darrelle Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL because he’s done it longer. But Sherman is on his heels. He’s younger, he’s bigger and his team is better. Way better. Let’s see how great Revis is this year when he has no one around him. I’m thinking Revis Island won’t be too vacant anymore. Sherman already has a boat made up, and he’s been rowing his way towards it for the last 6-months. Soon, he’ll be populating that island and taking over it. Optimus Prime is the league’s best DB.



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