Chick Finds Her Fiancé Cheating On Her Via Yandex Maps

Gawker – The Russian Google Maps alike Yandex Maps went above and beyond recently when it helped a woman from Perm find out her fiancé was cheating on her.

Marina Voinova told that she was looking up an address using the website’s “street view” feature when she happened across a man who looked like Alexander, her boyfriend of five years, with his arms around a woman who did not look like her.

“When Sasha came home, I immediately called him to computer and asked him to find that address in the map,” she told the news portal. “When the image loaded, Sasha’s face changed in color. I looked in his eyes, waiting for explanations.”

Alexander immediately confessed to everything, Marina recalled. He told her he had made a mistake and did not love the other woman, but Marina had already made up her mind to end their relationship.

“At first I regretted searching for that address on Internet, but eventually realized that it was silly to blame the Web for my boyfriend’s unfaithfulness,” Marina said.

Unlike Google, Yandex does not automatically blur the faces of people who are clearly identifiable in Street View shots. Yandex PR manager Yekaterina Karnaukhova told LifeNews that if a person has a problem with their face appearing on the site, he or she can request to have the image removed if they have a legitimate reason for doing so.


Its bad enough chicks hirer their friends to stalk us, and to have them ‘test’ us, and that there’s dudes out there ready to pounce on anything thats ours.  Shit, we even have dudes in our own click that’ll turn their back for a piece of the pie.  But this, this is just fucked up.  The male population can’t even trust Google anymore.  Fuckin’ Google, bro.  The all knowing.  The thing I rely my life on almost 90% of the time.  Its straight diming my sex out and turning its back on me.  I always thought Google was the best thing going.  Fuck, Yahoo.  Fuck, Bing.  I’m Googling until I die.  However, now I need to redetermine my life.  I may never use Google again.  The male population has to fight enough things in life, we don’t need Google Maps coming at us now.   I can just see it now, all the bitches from now on will be sitting at home with their girlfriends sipping Pinot Grigio, talking about how their man is out with his buddies at ‘blah, blah, blah’ place and how they know he’s probably fucking around.  That’s when they’ll all take out their iPhone, iPads or laptops and they’ll Google the address, then pull that shit up on Google Maps hoping to get a quick look.  We’re fucked, guys.  These broads literally have a camera following us around at all times.  Our only getaway is to never be seen out of a building.  We needs roofs for days.  Better start carrying around umbrellas, hats and shades.  And change your outfit every time you leave someone.  Can’t be seen wearing the same thing twice.  They’ll have a notepad out charting that shit down.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are some backstabbers.  I bet they were the kids in school who could never get chicks and hated the smooth talkers who could.  They probably sat around gossiping like schoolgirls about how one day they’d get back at all those dudes who stole their chicks.  Thats when they created Google.  They knew it was going to be used for spying, but they wanted us to buy into the other things first.  They wanted us to fall in love with the product without knowing it was harming us in the long run.  Geeks are smart as shit, bro.  Can’t trust ’em.  Won’t trust ’em.  Anything that can remember the table of periodic elements, likes chemistry, and can do calculus without a calculator isn’t to be trusted in my book.  Keep your computer coding minds out of my life.

And don’t give me this, ‘Well don’t cheat and you won’t have to worry about anything.’  Nah, dude.  That’s not the point.  Privacy is the point.  Chicks are stalkerish.  Chicks need to know everything.  Giving them a way to know everything is bad news.  Chicks are like robots, too much knowledge will overrun their brains and cause them to explode.  I sure as hell don’t want my women running around tweaking because she saw me get out of work early and now I’m at the golf course.  She doesn’t need to know that.  That’s my business.  I’m a grown man.  When I lie about golfing or getting out of work early that’s my business.  Enjoy your day of pushing papers and picking up the kids.  I’m working overtime and won’t be home until 8ish.  By then I’ll be real hungry and tired from such a long day that all I’ll want to do is eat, catch some Sportscenter, maybe fit in a quick tussle in the sheets and then hit the hay.  Real man shit.

PS, Yeah I know this had to do with Yandex, a Google-like mapping system, but in America we don’t deal with Yandex we deal with Google so I’m hating on Google.  Its close enough.  Get it through your heads.  Understand life, geography and reading comprehension.



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