Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen And Bar Menu Gets Spoofed


Daily Mail – Guy Fieri’s universally slated New York restaurant has now become the subject of a parody website

Bryan Mytko, a computer programmer from Brooklyn, purchased a domain name bearing the name of TV chef’s panned Times Square spot, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, and launched a bogus site on Tuesday. features a fake menu complete with a range of gut-busting dishes poking fun at Mr Fieri’s low-rated meals, inspired by Twitter jokes that circulated last fall.

The real site for Mr Fieri’s 500-seat restaurant is a shorter version of the actual name,

This is what happens when you don’t register the domain for your entire restaurant’s name.  Some dude does and he creates a fake menu spoofing your shit.  These descriptions are killer.

A Sammy Hagar lookalike pushes your face into a leather bag filled with oil…and ‘…38 ounces of super saddened, Cheez gutted wolf meat, lambast it with honey pickle wasabi and pile drive it into an Ed Hardy-designed bucket.

What the fuckity fuck fuck?  This dude just murdered all those richie, uppity class joints that have descriptions like:

Wild Fijian albacore sashimi with pea tendril salad, toasted hazelnuts, garlic chips, scallions and melon cilantro vinaigrette,’ orGrilled Texas Nilgai Antelope with Caramelized Apricots, Apricot Agri-doux, Glazed Couscous, Ginger Infused Apricot Puree, Asparagus Tips and Red Wine Jus.’


Its joke city, but you still need a damn food dictionary and translator just to figure out this thing.  I would hit up this place asap and experience all these dishes.  If not because its a great spoof on Guy Fieri, but also for the fact that their menu designer has serious humor game going on.  Oh, and because I want to be a shark.



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