Australian Man Cross-Bodys A Cactus

Doesn’t get much more redneck, hillbilly than this. I dont care that the guy was Australian, he’s a straight up redneck hillbilly. He’d be perfect in Tennessee. Perfect. He dove into a cactus and then at the end said, ‘its not fun, its fucked.’ Thank you, Bucky. I’d have never known that jumping into a cactus wasn’t fun. I’m glad your dumbass caught 100 cactus thorns. Way to yell, ‘ouwe’ like a little bitch. ‘Im passing out. I’m passing out,’ this guy just yelled the most random thoughts possible. Had me dying though. I love seeing people get hurt. And seeing you ultimate hate get hurt is nothing short of taking a trip to Heaven and seeing Baby J at the gates. Keep drinking cases of beers, sexing your cousins, going mudding, and jumping in to cacti. You’re making my life, white trash.



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