A Lot Of Nut Tapping Went On During The Indiana-Michigan State Basketball Game

I don’t know what’s going on at Indiana University, or what Mama Zeller is feeding her boy, but he was doing a lot of nut touching Tuesday night.  As you can see in video 1, he tapped out his opponent, Derrick Nix.  He could’t take Nix dominating him defensively so ‘let me smack his nuts,’ was the first thought in his head as to stopping him.  Then as you can see in video 2, Nix pushed him in his midsection and Zeller thought, ‘let me fake like I got smacked in the nuts and make everyone think Derrick did it.’  He must’ve been the crier in school when everyone was going around nut-shotting each other that would go to the teachers.  No one liked getting hit in the dick/nuts, bro, but we didn’t cry like little bitches.  We got up after 5 minutes of catching our breath and waiting for the nausea to dissipate, and then we hit our buddy so hard in the nuts he’d piss blood.  If they weren’t pissing blood, you weren’t connecting propoerly.

I guess Zeller is doing away with the old motto, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  Now he’s going with, ‘when you can’t beat ’em, get ’em ejected.’  Just faking nuts shots like a pro.

PS, I don’t know what game Dickie V. was watching, but these were his remarks to Derrick Nix’s “supposed” nut shot on Cody Zeller:

“There’s no doubt about it. He catches him with the elbow. See that, Magic? There’s no place for that. No place for that in basketball. Play the game, play with good sportsmanship, play the game. Don’t ruin it because of some stupidity, and some immature action.”

Dickie V is just old as fuck and showing it.  Sorry, bruh, but you might want to hit up the optometrist tomorrow and check your eyesight.  Seems like you’re not even close to 20/20 or even 40/40.  Oldies can’t see for days and they just refuse to admit it.  Nah, I’m good they say as they’re trying to change the TV channel with the cordless house phone.  Good one, grandpa.

(h/t ChefBoyRD For The Videos)


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