Putnam High School Gets Crop Dusted With Pepper Spray

Norwich Bulletin – Putnam, Conn. — Putnam police arrested a 17-year-old boy Wednesday after they say he sprayed pepper spray inside the school.

The incident took place shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday. Police determined after an investigation that the student who was later charged had sprayed the substance in a classroom and a hallway.

Police said several students were seen by the school nurse for complaints of eye and throat irritation after the incident, but were able to return to class a short time later.

A 17-year-old boy, whose name was not released because he is under 18, was charged with eight counts of risk of injury to a minor, second-degree reckless endangerment, breach of peace and disorderly conduct. He was referred to juvenile court.


Who says Putnam is a small city where nothing takes place?  We have pepper sprayers for days.  Students just walking through halls and class rooms, dusting the shit out of students with pepper spray.  I’d rather walk through a cloud of shit than walk through pepper spray.  I already know I’d die.  I can barely breath fresh air during the summer time.  Smoke at barbecues fucks me up.  It’d be a no doubter that he’d have been charged with 7-risk of injury accounts and 1-assault with a deadly weapon, possibly a manslaughter charge.  I’d have probably died in 5 minutes.  Truly shocked at how some of these criminals take a face full from police, or when members of our military have to go in those rooms filled with tear gas without their masks for training.  I could never in a million years do that.  Not even if I were completely 100% healthy.  I would just struggle with the whole thought of gasping for my breathe. Its like suffocating.  I one time cut up a bunch of peppers, all kinds of different levels of spicy, for a homemade chili and neglected to wash my hands before taking a shower.  As you could probably imagine, my face and nuts were then on fire to the point where I yelled like a person being chopped to pieces like firewood.  Big ups to all my law officers and military readers who have gone through that for their jobs.  Hopefully this kid gets what’s coming to him.  Glad to hear all the students weren’t harmed too severe.


Here’s a little video of the toughest pepper sprayed individual I know…

Nothing like being showered in pepper spray and then being told to go through an obstacle course of such.  And 100% murdering that shit.  This man is like a shark.  Invincible to all bacteria, diseases, and substances harmful to humans.  A robot of sorts.


After affect…

Kind of fucked up that dudes were laughing at a man whose face is on fire.  But then again, I’d have been laughing too.  I laughed when he told me about the video.  I laughed when he described what happened to him.  And I wanted to laugh again while just watching these all over, but instead I ran like a little girl to my sink and washed my face for 15 minutes.  I’m still haunted by memories of those damn chili and jalapeño peppers.



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