Porta-Potty Meth Lab Found On Golf Course In Purcell, Oklahoma

MSN – A Porta-Potty in the middle of a golf course might be an unexpected place to find a pop-up meth lab, but you could also call it a stroke of drug-addled genius: What better spot to keep snoops from sniffing around? Still, police in Purcell, Okla., are searching for suspects after golf course staffers noticed a trio of sports drinks bottles containing chemicals inside the Porta John on the greens and summoned them for help. Two of the bottles — used for “shake and bake” meth making —exploded before drug agents arrived. Officers say it’s a good thing no one was inside the loo when the bottles exploded or they might have been injured by chemicals and flying plastic. Fore!


Who would have guess that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were into golf?  You have to hand it to, Walt, the guy knows the best places to hide his meth labs.  Mobile homes in the desert, poultry factories, houses being bug bombed, you name it and Walt’s probably cooked meth there.  A port-potty is new though.  Kind of low class if you ask me.  And a little crammed.  Mustn’t fit more than one of them.  If this is how the second part of season 5 kicks off, we’re in for some kind of treat.  I just hope that bitch, Skyler’s in the porta-potty when it explodes.  Never hated a female co-star so much in my life.  I’d deal with Carrie from Homeland everyday of the week if I had to, as long as it meant I never had to see or hear Skyler’s bitch voice.  What I’d pay to have Walt let her walk into one of his cooking zones and just blow it to pieces.  That’d be a perfect series finale.


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