Kevin Hart Is Hosting SNL… “It’s Going Down, People!”

Vibe – It’s safe to say Kevin Hart’s growing clout in Hollywod trumped his height a long time ago. Recently, he made another big announcemnt as he was making his rounds during All-Star weekend. On Twitter, he announced his newest hosting gig for Saturday Night Live. Little Grown Man will host SNL on March 2nd with musical guest, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


If you asked me, Sports Reporter who do you hate the most in life? I would answer, 1) redneck white trash hillbillies, 2) Skip Bayless, 3) New England as a whole, 4) People who don’t understand sarcasm, 5) overly emotional people, and 6) People who hate Kevin Hart. Thats my top 6. Kevin Hart is easily one of the funniest people going right now, if not the funniest. Anyone who hates Kevin Hart is probably a Dane Cook fan, or they live in Chicago. I can’t wait until March 2nd. Already have it setup for my DVR. Alright, alright, alllllllrrriiiiiiiiiiiggghhtt!



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