Don’t Tell Kobe The All-Star Game Is Only For Entertainment

Don’t tell Kobe to take it easy and just enjoy himself for all-star weekend.  He went hard in the 4th quarter while d-ing up LeBron James.  The Black Mamba struck The Chosen One twice.  LeBron looked none to thrilled either time too.  This was one of Kobe’s last times to prove something against LBJ as the Lakers aren’t looking like too much of a playoff contender this year.  Now, Kobe as a 15-time all-star and 5-time NBA Champion has nothing to prove, but there are fans out there who praise Bron, and well they should, but to someone as competitive as Kobe, he wants all of those spectators to know that even at 34-years-old, he can still hang with anyone on the court.  And I for one, will never say otherwise.



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