Grade A Prime – Victoria Brink




I had no idea who Victoria was until early this morning.  Learned she was a model.  And I also learned she was daughter to Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen.  He was caught tweeting her during the State of the Union address, but no one at that time was aware it was his daughter.  Not until he accidentally sent this to her twitter wall instead of her direct messages:

He quickly had to come out and announce that Victoria was his illegitimate daughter and that he had learned of this 3-years ago.  Not a bad illegitimate daughter to have.  She’s fire, Congressman.  Politicians usually don’t bring anything positive into my life, but today was the exception.  I enjoyed surfing the net today looking up all her modeling pictures.  She’s Grade A all day.  I’d be super pissed to find out she was my daughter.  I don’t care what he says, it kind of stabs you right in the heart.   She’s reason #4,578 why I’ll never have a daughter.  I’ll leave it up to the other males like Steve here.  Thanks for creating a such a magical beaut.  My eyes appreciate it.



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