Keep Laughing At Me, But I’ll Never Be The One Stuck On A Carnival Cruise Ship In The Middle Of The Ocean

Feb 10 – ABC News – A Carnival cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 passengers and crew is stranded in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine room fire broke out this morning, representatives for the cruise line said. The fire was extinguished aboard the Carnival Triumph this morning and no injuries were reported. The ship, however, lost power and is relying on a back-up generator as it drifts 477 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas, Carnival said in a statement.

The vessel is currently without propulsion and the ship is operating on emergency generator power, according to a statement from Carnival. The ship’s technical crew has determined the vessel will need to be towed to port. A tugboat is en route to the ship’s location and will tow the vessel to Progreso, Mexico, which is the closest port to the ship. The ship is expected to arrive in Progreso Wednesday afternoon and guests will be flown from there back to the United States, Carnival said.

The Carnival Triumph departed Galveston on Thursday with 3,143 guests and 1,086 crew on board for a Mexican cruise and was due to return to the port on Monday. The passengers have been asked to remain in the ship’s public areas and open decks for their comfort, and they are being provided with food and refreshments, Carnival said. He said it appears there is enough food and water for the passengers and crew on board.

“As of right now, it hasn’t been a concern for cruise line, for the cruise ship captain or for the company.”

Passengers aboard the wayward ship will receive a full refund, Carnival said.

Guests booked on the next voyage, scheduled for a Monday departure, have been given the option to cancel and receive a full refund, according to Carnival, or wait for further information.

Feb 14 – LA Times – A Carnival cruise ship being towed to port in Mobile on Thursday has been delayed several hours — first when some towing equipment broke and again when a tow line snapped — but was still expected to arrive late Thursday night, a Carnival spokesman said.

Still, the arrival could drag into early Friday morning, authorities concede. And no matter when the ship makes land, it will still take four to five hours for thousands of passengers and crew members to disembark.

A passenger was also removed from the ship Monday for treatment in Mobile after suffering an unspecified medical problem, according to Terry Thornton, Carnival vice president of planning, who held a briefing at about 3 p.m. Central Time outside the port.

Thornton said he did not know whether the passenger was an adult or child, what condition the individual suffered or whether the person was hospitalized. Another passenger, a woman, had to be removed from the ship Monday for dialysis, Thornton has said.

A Carnival spokesman told the Los Angeles Times there have been no deaths or serious injuries aboard the Triumph since it left Galveston, Texas, last Thursday on what was supposed to be a four-day cruise to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. The ship lost power off the Yucatan coast Sunday after an engine fire.

The Triumph, carrying 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew, was being towed into Mobile by four tugboats stationed around the ship until about 1 p.m. Thursday, when a tow gear on the lead tug boat broke. A fifth tug officials had kept on standby was attached to the Triumph with a tow line that broke shortly afterward.

“The ship was dead still and you’ve got a 9,000-ton tug pulling on it — it probably just gave,” said Jimmy Lyons, chief executive of the Alabama State Port Authority.


I get laughed and ridiculed when I tell people I’m afraid of large bodies of water.  Like oceans and seas and large lakes.  They just look at me with a dumbfounded face and go, ‘You serious, bro? What’s there to be afraid of?’  I don’t know, maybe the fact that there’s man-eating creatures that live underneath and that if you get stranded out there your chance of survival is -1,000,000%.  A couple years back I had a chance to go on a Carnival cruise with an ex-girlfriend.  Her family does these things on the regular.  They were all like, ‘Don’t worry about it, Brian.  You won’t even know you’re on a boat.  There’s so much shit to do.  And you can be drunk 24/7.’  Sounds like a blast, guys.  Until the boat has a fire erupt and shut everything down leaving us with no air conditioning and running water and everyone’s pissing and shitting all over the place like they’re Neanderthals.  At that point I’m pretty sure you realize you’re on a boat stuck in the middle of the ocean.  There’s no more pretending that you’re on some magical moving city.

And now you want to tell me that the five tug boats brought out to save the cruise liner are also broken down and stranded?  If this isn’t a sign from Baby Jesus that he hates cruise ships and every person on the boat, then I don’t know what is.  Its quite obvious to me that he doesn’t dig big boats.  Just look at what he did to the Titanic, the boat in Italy, and now this shit.  I’m not different when I say I’m petrified of being stranded out at sea, I’m a prodigy of Baby Jesus.  He just happened to make me smarter than the rest of you, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  Thank Baby Jesus the relationship ended before I had to go on that cruise.  Who knows what would have happened to me.  I could have been DiCaprio chilling on a desk out in the middle of the Atlantic near the Bahamas, or stranded on the ship pissing and shitting on the boat wherever I felt it was necessary.  A chick on Twitter said it best, ‘Imagine being locked in the Superdome during the aftermath of Katrina and dropping it into the ocean, and that’s the Carnival cruise ship.’  Baby Jesus saved my life once again.  Praise you, little homie.



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