High School Player Grabs Rebound And Scores A Buzzer Beating Layup… On His Own Basket

Bro thought he was so cool catching the rebound and chucking it at his own basket before the buzzer. What’s the chances it goes in, he says. Apparently pretty good, bruh. Try explaining that one to your coach. I watched Jim Boeheim scold CJ Fields last night with 5 minutes left in the Syracuse-UConn hardcore. So hardcore that he didn’t put him back in for the rest of the game. And in case anyone in unfamiliar with Fields, he’s Syracuse’s 2nd-leading scorer., and their best 3-pointer shooter at 42%. It was that real and CJ didn’t do anything nearly as awful as what this kid did. If Boeheim was his coached he’d never see a basketball court again.

Best part about this video is after he shot the layup, he turns around and sees it go in, then puts his hands on his hips like ‘what the fuck just happened?’ Then he walked to the opposite side of the bench from where the coach was standing. Meanwhile the coach is left with his hands on his hips like, ‘I want to fuckin’ kill that little punk ass kid right now.’ I sense a punishment similar to Mike Leach and Adam James.

(h/t Aaron)



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