High School Hockey Goalie Decides He’s Had Enough Of His Coaches

Kind of hard to tell from the video what exactly happened so I’ll give you the run down. This goalie, Austin Krause was pissed with his coaches over something and decided to score an own-goal on himself and proceed to flip off the coaches afterwards while skating off the ice, saluting the fans. Boss motherfuckin’ move if I ever saw one. Like I told my boy, Ryan, if I could skate this would have 100% been me. I’d have been getting pissed at everyone and flipping the bird to whomever I saw fitting. Didn’t refill my water bottle? Fuck you. Sprayed me with ice? Fuck you. Can’t play defense and I’m getting peppered with 20 shots a period? Fuck you. That’s basically my motto in life. Piss me off in any kind of way, fuck you. It basically becomes a hassle when I’m in the general public. Then I have to tone it down a bit. Make sure I mumble it under my breath or whisper it to myself. I may be an asshole, but I haven’t hit the swag level of Austin here. He plays for keeps. So envious of his style, his confidence and his demeanor. If you read this, Austin. Hit me up on Water Cooler Talk’s Facebook page, or my Twitter @WCT_SportReport. Maybe we can meet up, or simply have a message conversation and you can explain your situation. Let me know how you became such a badass and how I can improve my own badass standards. This is real talk. I’m truly interested on getting your side of things. I respect your defense of yourself.

(h/t King)



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