Blue-And-White Kid Can Take A Hike.. UConn’s Superfan, Big Red Is My Hero


SB Nation – Big Red is, with the possible exception of Blue-and-White Kid, UConn’s most recognizable fan. At the XL center he sits on the first level behind the basket opposite the student section. At Gampel (at least the last time I was there), he sits in the upper deck to the right of the students, in one of the center sections. Whenever UConn makes a big run that forces their opponent to call a timeout he stands up, spells out U-C-O-N-N with his arms and leads the crowd in a deafening cheer. He is big. He has red hair.


Wednesday was my first live UConn Huskies basketball game.  I went with my boy, PMT a lifelong UConn Huskies fan.  During the game this guy kept getting put on the jumbo tron above the court during the U-C-O-N-N chants.  After about the third time I looked over at my boy and asked, ‘who is that dude, and why does he keep getting air time?’  He got to telling me how he was UConn’s superfan and has been going to games for like 20-years.  He’s basically the ‘Fireman Ed’ of the UConn Huskies.  This dude was killing it.  My immediate reaction after he told me about him was, I have to blog this guy.  I have to.  The fans love this guy.  He brings the house down every time UConn makes a run.  And you can tell the opposing teams can’t take it.  I may not be a UConn homer and they may not be my favorite team, but had me cheering last night.  Every team needs a Big Red.


Its a no doubter that little homie is gonna take Big Red’s job once he retires



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