UConn Upsets #6 Syracuse And… No One Storms The Court

So you’re unranked and you knock off your conference rival who’s #6 in the nation- a conference rival who’s leaving the conference after this year, and what do you do? Absolutely nada. Blew me away that only one dude stormed the court. The dude who obviously knew the significance of the game. UConn’s students are a bunch of pussies. Don’t give me the ‘we have history as a school. We don’t need to court storm. We’re too good for that. We expect to win every game.’ Yeah, everyone expects to win every game. But you guys have 6 losses on the year and have been mediocre at best this year. This was a huge victory. Untuck your dicks and act like college student fans. Illinois knew what was up. Wisconsin knew what was up. TCU knew what was up. Arkansas knew what was up. Notre Dame even knew what was up. UConn? UConn fell asleep and let down their whole basketball team. Big Red is crying inside.



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