Mozgov Gets Mozgov-ed Again.. This Time By DeMar DeRozan

Mozgov just isn’t cut out to play defense in the NBA. Imagine having to be his mom, dad, sibling, girlfriend, wife, child, grandchild or best friend? Total shame in even knowing him. First, it was Blake Griffin. But lets be real, Blake does that to every. Now its DeMar DeRozan. Mozgov jumped just as high as DeMar, and as about 6 inches from swatting his shit. But that 6 inches made all the difference. Instead of a game-changing swat, it was a game-changing facial. I wouldn’t be surprised if Timofey’s nickname around the league was Jenna Jameson from all the facials he takes. Keep telling us it doesn’t bother you. I can tell by the way you walked away that you cry yourself to sleep over this shit. My suggestion is to take some Tylenol PM before bedtime about an hour before you usually start crying. Totally sabotage those tears chances of escaping. Because we all know you’re not going to do anything special on the court to boost your self-esteem and self worth.


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