Todd Helton Goes Out For Lottery Tickets.. Get Himself A DUI Too

LA Times – Colorado Rockies superstar Todd Helton, who has made $156 million in his career, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence Wednesday near Denver. And what was so pressing that the first baseman needed to be allegedly driving while drunk? He went to a gas station to buy lottery tickets. That is, according to the official report filed by Thornton, Colo., police.

According to the report, cops tracked down the all-star first baseman after receiving a tip that his car had struck the center divider in the street before turning into the gas station. According to the report, when police arrived they saw Helton stumbling out of the gas station with his just-bought lottery tickets. Helton then allegedly told police that he drank about two two cups of red wine.

Officials in Thornton say Helton was arrested after someone called police to report a drunken driver. They say Helton’s blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit but they haven’t released the number.


I need to apologize first.  I’ve had this article for about 5 days now.  I had it in my drafts and somehow it got shuffled to the bottom and I just remembered it.  That’s my bad.  Anyways, not really surprised about Todd getting drunk and driving for lottery tickets.  Gambling is a major thing in life.  I lost roughly $100 on the NFL playoffs.  Then I went out 2 weekends ago for my uncle’s birthday party at Wrights Chicken Farm in Rhode Island and walked out $144 richer from Keno.  Threw $2 down on a game and vuala, my night was made off 4 numbers.  Kind of makes me want to go to Rhode Island and play Keno every night.  So I can see why Todd was so in need to head to the nearest convenience store for some scratch offs.  While I would have recommended he play Keno or a game of similar play, I can’t fault him for at least getting himself into the gambling game at some level.  You can’t win if you don’t play.  Therefore you can’t let a little red wine stop you.

PS, Glad Todd’s taking care of himself well over the off-season.  Ever heard of a healthy diet, bro?  Or a gym membership?  Or a treadmill?  Or walking?  Or vegetables?  Or fruit?  Fuck.  Looks like all you’ve been eating is pork fat and pork rinds, and drinking Bud Heavies.

PSS, You can tell he only had 2 cups of red wine.  Dude can’t even keep his eyes open for his mugshot.  Sleeping it away, standing up for his booking.  Boss move.


(h/t Scott)


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