Is This… The Ugliest NBA Uniform Of All-Time Or The Greatest?

I don’t know what to think, guys.  A part of me wants to be happy that the NBA and the Warriors are trying to be original and switch it up a bit and the other wants me to backhand the guy who developed these.  I’m more pissed about the shorts not matching the t-shirt jersey.  How the fuck do you fuck the yellow colors up?  And why are the shorts striped while the jersey isn’t?  I don’t even care about the t-shirt sleeves.  Not one bit.  Its whatevs to me really.  That ain’t even all that bad.  Give them some matching shorts without stripes and you’re good.  Either that or put stripes on the God forsaken jersey too.  It’s just atrocious.  I’ve seen high school uniforms that were better designed than this.  I know toddlers who can match better than this.  The designer at ADIDAS should be fired yesterday, and he should have to repay whatever compensation was given to him for these yellow disasters.  Fuckin’, Christ.  No wonder Nike owns the apparel industry.

Look at Mark Jackson, he couldn’t even help but laugh..



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