I’m Ending This ‘Should The Celtics Trade Rondo Or Shouldn’t They’ Debate Once And For All

All I keep hearing around New England, on CSN, on ESPN and all over Facebook and Twitter is whether the Celtics should trade Rajon Rondo.  Well I’ve officially had enough of the talk.  As a non-Celtics fan, blogging about the Celtics unless they did something dumb/stupid like having a player shoot themselves in the leg was not happening.  But this issue is too big, and too Green Teamers don’t know what they’re talking about.  The Celtics should 100% TRADE Rajon Rondo.  Before his injury they were 20-23.  Since his injury they’re 7-1.  And don’t give me the schedule talk.  They beat Miami, the Clippers and Denver, and they destroyed the Lakers.  Miami, Denver and the Clippers are playoffs teams, with Miami and the Clips being championship quality teams.  And say what you want about the Lakers, they have a lineup of Kobe, Dwight, Steve Nash and Metta World Peace and were just coming off a winning streak of their own.  The schedule has had nothing to do with their winning streak.

Rondo is a phenomenal passer, and a great rebounding guard.  But what he’s done is make the assist a selfish stat.  He constantly is refusing to relay the ball up the court off a rebound, instead deciding to push it himself.  He’ll never make the pass to a teammate, such as Pierce to then have Pierce drop it to Garnett for an easy bucket.  He wants to be the guy dropping it to Garnett so he can get the assist.  He hogs the ball almost the entire possession for that reason.  Don’t believe me?  Google some of his possessions.  He’s no different than a Kobe who catches heat for always shooting, except ‘passing’ is deemed to be unselfish so Rondo catches a break.  His passing isn’t unselfish.  He’s the most selfish passer in the league, and the most selfish the league has ever seen.

Jason Kidd throughout his career has had the same game as Rondo.  Or should I say Rondo has the same game as Kidd.  Only difference is Kidd does it right.  Kidd through his time in Dallas, Phoenix, New Jersey, back to Dallas and now in New York has always been a guy to acquire double-digit assists.  But he’s also the same guy who will grab a board and outlet it to his wingman who in-turn can pass it to his big man running the court or the other wing.  Kidd didn’t mind helping teammates get assists.  Kidd just wanted to win.  And that never stopped him from grabbing 10+ boards, getting 10+ assists and scoring 10+ points.  Which has led him to be 3rd on the All-Time Triple Double list with 105 through his career, and easily one of the top point guards to ever play the game.

Rondo wants to be the triple double king.  You can just tell it.  There’s a reason Doc put him back in the game during a blowout when he had 9 assists so that he could keep his streak going.  Can you think of any other coach or player that would have that happen?  Its crazy to even imagine.  And all I keep hearing is that he’s the future of Boston, and that he’s a top 10-15 player.  First, he’s not a top 10-15 player.  Not even close.  You’re nuts if you actually think that.  Either or you don’t watch the game of basketball and you just go off Great Teamer’s reactions.  And if he is the future of Boston, then Boston has a shitty future unless he changes his mindset.  You can tell that right now the players are loving playing the game of basketball without him.  Pierce is back to himself, Garnett is back to himself and Jason Terry is even contributing.  When asked what the difference was Terry said, ‘Boston is back to playing Boston basketball.  We’re passing and involving everyone.’  Aka, there’s no ball hogs on the court taking up valuable offensive time.

You think the beef between Ray Allen and Rondo wasn’t real?  You think Ray’s decision to take less money to go to Boston’s rival and come off the bench wasn’t because he’d had enough with Rondo and Doc?  If you think that, then I have some oceanfront property to sell you in Nebraska.  Pierce and Garnett have limited years left and its apparent that Rondo is still young, immature, and slowing down their chances of attending another NBA Finals.  If Boston was smart they’d test the market for him and continue to let Avery Bradley play point.  He’s already a great defender and has no problem sharing the ball.  Keep this run going for your vets and use whatever you can get for Rondo to help build around your young players Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and Jeff Green, and not around one player.  One player doesn’t win it all, but it will help you lose it all.  Just look at the Celtics first 43 game of 2012-2013.



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