Having A 350-Pound Running Back Is Crazy, Right?

NESN – David Fangupo, a 350-pound running back, has committed to Hawaii, according to West Hawaii Today. Fangupo played defensive tackle and offensive line prior to his senior season, but his head coach at Kealakehe High School saw a nimble runner in his 350-pound frame. Fangupo rewarded his coach by running for 538 yards and 10 touchdown on 74 carries. Kealakehe went 10-2 and won its third consecutive Big Island Interscholastic Federation title. The big fullback said he doesn’t know where the Rainbows’ head coach, Norm Chow, will play him him, and he doesn’t care. “Whatever helps the team is good for me,” Fangupo said.


I can’t wait until this fatty gets into the league and starts telling everyone that he’s not an offensive lineman or a fullback.  That he’s a running back and only a running back.  He’s going to be like Tim Tebow only 100-pounds heavier.  And probably with a better arm.  Good luck outrunning guys like Jadeveon Clowney in college or Patrick Willis in the NFL.  You might be pulling away from high school kids, but that’s only because most of them are unathletic, 5’8″ guys who weigh 125 lbs.  Your highlight reel made it look like you were playing against pop warner squads.  I’m not sure whether to think your coach was criminally insane for thinking about, and letting you play running back, or to think that he’s some maniac genius.  Leave it to the state of Hawaii.  Coconuts and ukuleles will make you do some crazy things.  I saw William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry playing running back a few times, although that was at the goal-line, not 80-yards out.  Curious to see what the guru Norm Chow does with him. I have $500 that says he plays guard or tackle, occasional tight-end and lines up in the backfield once in a while inside the 3-yard line.  Book it.


Hey Weezy, you think a 350-pound running back can make it in college and the NFL?


Weezy knows the deal.


One thought on “Having A 350-Pound Running Back Is Crazy, Right?

  1. Hey Brah, you dissin’ my bruddah an for sure you messed up in one head! The average team weight is 2 4 5 !! We eat three starches of every meal, dont rag about fols that would eat yo ass.


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