Gronk Is ‘Sorry For Partying’


There goes Gronk Gronking again.  Sticking it to the Patriots in the most subtle ways possible.  I fuckin’ love it.  Nothing like having your own player piss in your Cheerios.  I feel like Baby Jesus did this just for me.  I’m truly starting to love Baby Jesus.  And I know now that he loves me too.  Must be the gold cross that I wear with him crucified on it.  Must be.  I can’t wait until the Patriots trade his ass to the Giants.  Yeah we’re still $1.1 million over the cap, but fuck, I have all the faith in Jerry Reese and the Mara family.  Somehow they can get this done.  Gronk loves to party.  We need to party.  Let’s not be sorry for not partying.

PS, Woof City, bro.  I thought you were better than that.  Off-season must be a bitch for Grade A’s or they must hate amusement parks/carnivals, which is a shame.


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